Discovering new insights, together

Discovering new insights, together

Connecting people and data

Connecting people and data

We believe innovation comes from collaboration, and that new ideas need a place to grow and thrive. The Carelon Digital Data Sandbox unlocks the power of data to help us solve healthcare’s most complex challenges.

Our platform connects people and data, questions and answers, problems and solutions — all powered by one of the world’s largest certified de-identified healthcare data sets.1

Welcome to the Carelon Digital Data Sandbox


Healthcare data is often locked away in silos, inaccessible to the researchers and developers who can use it to solve today’s biggest challenges. Our platform gives experts a secure place to test their solutions, train algorithms, and explore ideas.


As a continuous learning system, the Carelon Digital Data Sandbox helps us put healthcare knowledge to work for patients and providers. More than a collection of data points, it’s an engine for discovering new insights and a launchpad for solutions that could benefit millions of people.

The future of digital healthcare starts here


Our partners use the Carelon Digital Data Sandbox to evaluate artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, test innovative software applications, and power research and development projects. Their efforts are helping to:

Predict and prevent chronic disease
Improve care delivery and access
Simplify healthcare processes

Partner with us

Discover unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and exploration. We can help you make the connections you need to create, validate, and deliver trusted insights and solutions faster.


Since 2019, we’ve partnered with more than 50 organizations, from forward-thinking startups to world-class universities and companies. Together our partners have logged over 100 years of research and development time, and the future possibilities are limitless.

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1The Digital Data Sandbox uses certified de-identified data to protect the privacy of individuals. Pursuant to and in accordance with issued certificate of de-identification via expert determination. No identifiable member data is used or permitted in the Sandbox environment.